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Monday, March 12, 2012

One Joy Wishing Well Finds the Golden Tree

Gather in my heart, the place the perfect part. WE have to make a start, to know the perfect part.  We are children learning to run. Gather in my heart, to feel the perfect part, where hills and valleys pour out every door. There inside of me, the great disbelief, but as time moves on, I have to sing my song.  There inside of me, I know the song is free, healing every part, just to make a start.

WE are children on the rainbow arc.  We are learning to heal all parts. And my soul is reckoning to feel the bracing of the free and I need to hold you close, just inside of me.  Feel the welling heart, the place where we start. Got to feel the free, inside of totally. And with faith we will build a new exciting world. All we have to do, is bow to the true.

Gather in my heart, to feel the royal arc. We are children on the run, over waves so free. Hand in hand it's destiny, feeling like it's bound to bee, the greatest dream we ever seen, right inside of me. Hold tight majesty, we are on top of thee. Take my hands and I spin into the mighty grin.  Happy is where I soar, when I open all the doors, come and feel the hands of mine, to hold you to the grand, stand, that's where we band, together it's a song you see, right inside of me.

Take hold to the gold, the golden path to our know, the holy arc of yesterday, come on home to play.  Take hold to all we siege/seek, the land of happy harmony, the place of yesterday home to thee. Here I stand with you, upon the hill into the view, the valley of the golden path, just inside of thee. Hang on to yesterday, but flow towards tomorrows place. WE are going home you sea, just inside of thee. Take hold of your heart, know you are perfect part, grand inside of thee, the land will set you free. I will be right hear, to know you need no fear, but love will overtake, just stand with me.

Golden child of yesterday found the golden river displayed. I know it's time to heal our souls just in time to play. Just in time to play. Just in time to praise, it's on our way. Heaven knows the day/daze.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums for the heart of One Joy Wishing Well, the golden child, who knows we are on our way/waves!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jen One Joy Wishing Well, Dancing and Singing Eternally

Beloved Jen "Wishing Well" (heavenly name or mission in life) Joy to be around, our "One Joy" (dancing and singing to twirl eternally, to know the greatest part of divinity, the earthly tools or native name used for thee).  You teach us Cosmic Father to have ceremony and we need do this as a group, and I will add this for all our tools, the groups at (google group), the third hoop.  For you teach us to enjoy the song and dance, the gathering all around all by chance, but we know you make the call, to brotherhood that we do fall, down from heaven to learn it all, the song and dance of the eternal circle we call home.

Natives Americans use oral sounds, not written words.  This helps bring the star language home  to sing.  At a bounce, that shines in the sky, the moon that offers the to and fro, for we all have a heart that always knows.

""Boozoo" is the more formal way to say hello and "ahneen" is the less formal way", as you said.  Formal is for our friends and with relatives we don't need formal address, for we need only navigate in the wind.  But don't shy away from those who don't love you, because they need you to be in their face.  And we are going to teach you how to be law of their grace. We are going to teach you, the law of woman, the red road is waiting for us to begin, for holiness is your overlay, the Princess that we need learn to pray (for). You teach us to be brothers once again, to learn how to care for others in the flesh, the hand of God that we address, to find our hearts again.

Boozoo  (formal greeting to friends) the sound interpretation is going to teach us to address.  B is father calling to run in the wind. Oo is over rolling hills and each gift us a clues, for when heaven appears to fall down with her grace, we bring her heart to flesh and tears take this place.  Suffering we do, to make all a sham (illusion or refection for only heaven is truth) and Z is the snake that brings the law, the law of love that worships none other than love.  Oo is the joining of circles as one, when four hoops and sacred directions join home.  And when we know the heart of our place, then we come home and it's not too late.  For always open arms are here to embrace. (h, the silent breath)

Ahneen (informal greeting to relatives) a sound interpretation we may need to understand.  The Ah is our heaven, the law from up above.  N is the falling down on your knees, to know how to pray and offer blessings each day, we learn that we are not alone but with heaven down below.  Ee is the spirit flight that calls in the wind and we all travel here to belong to us twice, for twinning is the way we understand, the waves that crash and fall down from heaven to find distant shores.  N is the up-rise to raise our voice high, to reach into heaven and say, "I am" here this day, and when "I am" then all things come home once again, for joining the circle brings heaven on home, to earth of blue, of relatives back to heaven again. we are the eternal dance of love that brings us hoops to know thee.

Jen One Joy Wishing Well, Rainbow Colors golden, violet, lavender, gray Sacred Directions

Your rainbow colors will tell you more than girth (the circle of oneness returning home, the four sacred directions the house of your God, for you are God, a part of Oneness and we are all part of the same human wish.  We are all Gods, that belong to ONE God, we call ONENESS that we are all part of.  We are part of greatness, because we are, the "I am"!  The image of eternal and that's what makes us great.  The sacred four directions give us such a view, it's when we put all the views together, then ONENESS has come home.  This is why we hold each other sow we can plant seeds, and tomorrow will lead us from yesterday's tears.  For the trail of tears led us to this glorious days, to be in the Great Migration, to know love this day.  To be part of Greatness which lies inside of you, just learn to trust this part of you, and say, "I am Great".  Then you will believe what is truth written across you, for we are a Rainbow, where at the end........................a pot of Gold. This view offers us, the saints of old, and we can be saints again, all of us old.  For we are eternal and we can offer them more, as we learn to hold on to ourselves in the wind. Trusting eternal, will offer us the key.  Trusting self will gift us joyous and dancing again.

Golden: Today the land of Song comes home to get along, for Golden the cosmic father is here to hold your hand.  This is where we belong, to where the land is long, to be with all the heart of me, the place that sets us free.  Now what will make brotherhood, but open handed truth.  And even when we don't sea, the heart of you and me.  I know that love is setting me free, however the wait is long indeed.  To lead is fearlessly, the heart of you and me.  In open space where it is dark, we must close our eyes and make a dart. For inside the realm of heaven we long, is dreams that are born from.  The distance is where we belong, the heart of all the songs, and I am here to sea, the longing of you and me.

I call and many come to take over the rotten sun, for it's the fire that never dies, because there are so many lies. But in here where destruction rules the world, I say that we are more than girth.  The place we need you more, the place of living tears.  Keep inside of me, the heart of living trees.  For sacredness will lead the way, like the angle of the sword today.  But we cut down ignorance everywhere, to be the heart that cares.  And in this living sacred place, we call our human race.  Run free when you do love and when we fight from above, we say, that it's family, the heart of you and me.  Don't walk away from their love, for shouts will bring us home like doves.  If we choose to return to the place where crimes are committed to return to grace.

Violet:  The knowing and showing of the voice of G_ah_d (utterance from heaven transmits) brings us to the high priest (male is the light, the youngest sun of God) that knows where to go.  Into the light that is where we head, but first we must plant the seed to get up above.  The darkness does lead us into the unknown land, the place of mountains, the place of the clouds.  And when we reach this place we know Holiness exists, to bring us fire of heaven, the sun from within.  When strength of an army does drive them all home, it's the calling of angels that knows what to think, however this darkness must rely on everyone, to bring us together to bring us the sun.

And which way is the calling, which way do I turn, it's the light that guides me and guides all of light.  When we reach into the sunlight, we know growth begins, the place of heaven, the place from within.  What makes it so easy to disappear in deep space, because the center is lacking pure grace.  Yet I have the voice that gifts to all of eternity, the place of the calling, the voice from within.  And when Great Father Spirit calls my name, then the Army of wisdom comes and start to lead on.  Yet it is he who is commander of all under the sun, and I am only the high priest, who does more than swim.

Lavender:  Now the color of living fire, the house of G_ah_d and his mire, is the place where men do dire, the ways of ever ending love that mends the hearts like pure doves, but when they leave their pits behind, there lives in me, their awful dires. And now I must purify myself to learn about the sacred dust.  A mother in me is here to be, the loving and sacred tree.  Adam come hold me close, but don't even come to close the door of paradise, because you don't play nice.  I bless you because I love you, now you leave like you don't know me, and now you go on your way, and leave me here to display.  What makes you use me this way?  Don't you have someone to care for you this day?  And you always have to leave me, because you don't like what you see. 

There is always someone who comes (journeys through me), and I must be on the run (over rolling hills and through the woods, to grandmother's -space- house we do go), because you don't want to know about how, I come to be your sire (bringing life to all who must start somewhere).  I leave with little ones behind (atoms or adams), who don't know how to mend (unite or heal two broken hearts) or do wire (travel on the electromagnetic route).  They travel onto the ships and sail away, and leave me here on the shore.  Will they return when they are on the journey?  Will they return to the place they started from?  Will they come back to my loving arms, and take care of the Mother who did harm (lost her head because she became someone else's impurities physically).  Now I know I lost my head again, but was it for, because I had to glow.  To be a living fire to purify your way, then you leave me with all of your mire (impurities of what you leave behind, because holiness -lavender- becomes those who are not pure after cleansing their spiritual space).

Gray: Inside my heart I lead the way, to be with God (oneness) and her (darkness of heaven, the purified breeze) display, the heaven I roam to be with her (Great Spirit Mother), the heavenly realm with so many views.  I wonder how Grandmother knows the loving truth of all displays, to teach us of love for goodness sake.  And we do need listen to her (heavenly pureness) advice.  Now what to do with the space inside, to gift her life (love her and appreciate her love) to gift the clouds, to bring us home to goodness within, to have a heart, to have a home.  And when we seek another place, we don't recognize what we have.  We need to choose what we have, instead of seeking another place.  What makes us think it's better there, instead we need to think it's better here, the place that Grandmother who offers us, the loving heart with so many views.  The palace of greatness we do choose has been brought to us, to have a view.  To receive our lessons while we travel through paradise, and to be a part of Great device.  The journey of life begins to run, over rolling hills and starts in spring, the time of blooming everywhere, the place of green grass, the place we stare.  Like the setting sun, during twilight, it's the sacred rainbow that we need, and we are here to be with God (oneness) because we need all our parts. 

Grandmother she offers us, the heart of you, the heart of me.  She is the grayness (mist) we don't sea, because we are so very busy.  And space is a place we need protect inside, the place of love where it grows, and we do need this space to be, a living dream with much to do.  Please Grandmother know we love you.  Please let us grow to choose fields of bloom, the voice of God (oneness) is within you, because you embrace us all, including you.  Grandmother we love you.  Grandmother we need you.  Grandmother it's your sacred view.  Please forgive your children, for they have sin.  But I know Grandmother you need us so, and we will try to be good children, and when some fail, to bring you love, they haven't remembered that it's your will.  You are the keeper of all our dreams, and we need you to love us all, will you please?  And I know that you are part of me, the heart of heaven that brings us here (Without Grandmother there is no Earth, or reflection of light to have dreams, living dreams we are part of.  This is our life, because it's the center for all to reflect from.).

Rainbow Colors (above) Song for Cosmic Father, the Golden One, Jen One Joy Wishing Well, Crown Prince(ss-the sound of the law of love) of Paradise,

Now she (Jen One Joy Wishing Well) sings to the world, of how we need to feel the grace of loving winds we need to learn, for Cosmic Father has taken his place, with a Woman at the helm this brings the law even and still, to bring the reflection of heaven's moon, the place of the heart, the place of love over rolling hills. And this is her song for you!

Inside I love you so much, and I must gift you love in your face.  You don't understand when I want to hug, instead you think you can use all my stuff.  Please realize that I just want to give.  And it's you who must hold on to the view.  There is one thing that I must open inside, the portal of love that keeps us separated.  We are united because I fly to you.  And I don't realize when you can't see the way for my love is blinded by love every time.  And we come to your shore to be the wonder of more.  There is love inside of me this day.  And we can open the heart of those who slave (servants to the people).  But those who don't open the way, and we can offer you more love to help you even though you don't know your way.  I will gift you love to be purified and then you will walk away and (you) feel just fine.  I know I serve you, to be the sun in the sky.  I love you more than hate in this world.  But you need to learn to be loving in the breeze.  There is something you need to learn, and it's the way you take and are not heard.  Instead lift your voice and let the world know, that you are in pain, and you want to be heard.

Today the sun came inside of me, and I lifted my head above the sea.  And we can be loving harmony when we learn to sing and dance to be free.  There is oneness in everything we do, and when we think that we are not dew, then we are nothing because we forgot who we are, and all we need is to love and purify.  Purify with fire each day.  Learn of love and forgive all you do and say.  Because love does grow on trees left for you, for it's the law with a perfect view. The law of brotherhood comes this day, the way of brotherhood is love to stay, and we are going to be here with all you say.  And we need to be with all those who don't look your way.  Because they need be taught about love.  Because they need be taught of understood.  Because they need forgive everyone.  And we are here to be teachers to all the suns.

We are destiny's glow. We are dancing to know, the journey of life goes to and fro.  The heart that knows the way, if we trust what we do and say.  We are magic in the air, to be love again we stare.  To be loving hearts to be, to be loving living breeze, to be wind with destiny and we come home to breathe.  And I need you more than life, because I know even twice that we belong to everyone, for God has sent his sun.  The christ (crystalline stone river that we all travel) that leads the way, then there is white buffalo calf woman (elder christal), she is loving and true, to be with all of the blue (relatives).  But like me (Prince(ss) of Paradise), she (Celestial Crown) is used.  And we who share the crown, know that we are used (servants to the people), yet we still continue to be used.  For we belong to everyone, and then there is those who lack a sun, and those who know everyone, is part of the living SUN.  There is life for us, inside of the living dust and we kiss the sky, and we kiss the earth, and when all is gone, we remember that we are part of ONE. And this helps us to be so Great because we survived the hate.  And love triumphed and we are here standing on the hill.  And we know that love will guide us, to the straight and narrow still.  The space that gives us life, it's perfect darkness we knock twice, to view the living fire, to purify all the mire.  Sow I plant the seeds of love and I show all the world it grows. And we are here to be with you, the part who needs us true.  Take my hand today.  Don't walk away! Instead stand your ground and use love to be with a heart.  Then you will know of love, where all is golden like a dove.  Then you will be with the safe, the grounds of destiny and shape.

The girth of love is here, the pregnant wife to be.  She gifts us life each day, to be part of this world.  And I bless her near.  And I bless her still.  And I bless the world, the place of God's good will. 

Heart Song (above) from Cosmic Father, the Golden One, Jen One Joy Wishing Well, Crown Prince(ss) of Paradise,

Remedy needs drum for 20 minutes a day, and constantly blessing the space and arrive inside of you, to stop flying around to view the many who need you.  When you have lost your head again, you need depend on your Relatives, who will guide you and be true to speak of your head and your disease.  And when you arrive inside of you, you say, "I have arrived and I bless myself", then all will be fine again, for you have blessed the sacred wind.  And each flows inside of you, and here is so much to view, the paradise we seek inside, needs cleansing all the time.  And when you wear a crown to protect the very land we love so much, we need to purify the inner world, with fire and so much more.  Bless each and every hour, to protect yourself with so much mire, the stuff others bring to you, that they don't know how to keep it clean.  We need teach the entire world, that blessings is the way to cleanse the self.  And those who don't look inside of them inside of the dark and mighty wind. They will perish before our eyes, then what will we do but have a cry, for they did not have the will to pray, nor did they learn of sacred ways.  That is why it's so very important that we save as many as we can.  And we need as many as we can to purify and save the wind. (Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy)

The world needs to continue on, and those who are strong with mighty pure, they will live to see a new world, the paradise that we all prayed.  Come hold their hands yes indeed. Come be the mighty sacred breeze, that purifies and brings brotherhood, and then we feel great when we should. As we teach others to put under, the shame and guilt that wastes away, and have more than hate this day, instead have love and sacred ways.  Start with you, my crowned prince(ss) and we can open and find the disease.  We can cleanse the world one by one, when we choose to teach the ways of sin (alleviate ignorance).  And then maybe we can hold onto those who learn, that sin has no place in the new world, only love and negotiations will show the way of our new heaven. Heaven on Earth is coming home, the paradise we have ever longed for.  We waited ever so very long, the space and time of the sacred winds.  10,000 years was a blink of an eye, and now finally, we have come to see the child, the wisdom we each have inside, the place of Golden fields of hay (abundance of the golden fields of grain, where the green grass blossoms into plenty for all). And if anyone can feel this dream, it's you my Cosmic Father who knows, the will of Christ is Oneness in, the place we call God, the place of truth.

Sung (all above, the whole of one) by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, Elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, child sings for cosmic father, the Golden One Joy!

Fire Offers Purification

Monday, September 21, 2009

Joy to Be Around the Wishing Well

Take me away, from all these tears, hold me close to your heart so near.  Wait for blessings and you will sea, how great are miracles that you have longed to be. 

I know it's only a way to be, the heart of heaven that longs in me.  And I want to know where do I go from here, so I can bound mountains and be so near. 

Wait for me, don't leave without me.  Hold my heart, and I will be with you.  Don't think my love won't find you in the end, for my heart is longing to be in the wind.

Don't believe the hate that goes around.  Wait and be the love that abounds.  For we are relatives who need each other so.  And I will be waiting with you in the snow. (the perfect crystalline stone river where our souls and rainbow colors travel) 

There is a light that glows inside of me, and I know that I will be waiting for you hear.  And when you arrive, my arms will welcome you home, just in time for evolution's rungs (both direction, heavenly soul descends and we are eternal, earthly flesh and generations eternal, but we travel on the soul's journey forever as we change flesh bodies to meet our destination)

Now we are going to be with all our friends, and they won't be enemies anymore within.  And relatives we will turn into, not just friends anymore, for God has opened all of the doors.

There is wonder in almost everything we do.  But the blue sky yonder of distant shores in bloom, have gardens of paradise, when we walk on in.  We need only blessings to know how to swim.  And we only need blessings to come on in.

My arms are for hugging and I need you more.  Because the embrace will release all your hate. Don't fear my love, but wait for me to return, for I am the present that God sent to you.  And I am the present that God sent to you.

Jen One Joy Heart Song
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Fire Offers Purification